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Email Access

All students have been issued an e-mail account.  Access to email on campus is available through Outlook and off campus, through the Outlook Web App. 

Your WVC email address

Your WVC e-mail address consists of your first initial, last name and the last four digits of your ctcLink student ID number followed by Example: the email address of Robert Smith would be

  • To set your password for the first time or reset your password, please follow the instructions found on
  • Passwords must not include any portion of your name and meet the following criteria:
    • From 8-15 characters in length;
    • Contain at least on capital letter;
    • Contain at least one lower case letter;
    • Contain at least one number and special character.
To login to email, go to:

On Campus Access

Log on to campus computers using your username and password. You can access your email through Outlook.

Off Campus Access

Students can access their email off campus by visiting and login with their email address and password. 

Device Email Setup

We recommend that you use the Outlook App which is available for download via the iOS App Store or Google Play.  Configuration instructions are available upon request.  Please click here for device email configuration instructions.

Spam Control

WVC has software that detects and quarantines most spam e-mail messages before they get to your Inbox. While no spam protection is perfect, we strive to provide students and staff with a great email experience.  If you have issues, questions, or concerns, please contact:

  • Students - Knightdesk (509) 682-6700